Invited Lecturers

The lectures in the winter school will be delivered by speakers/researchers of international reputation:

  • Dr. T. Barszcz, Director, EC Systems & AGH University of
    Science and Technology, Poland
    • Wind Turbine & Monitoring Aspects,
      Wind Turbine Monitoring: Industrial Applications
  • Prof. B. Basu, School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    • Online System Identification & Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • Prof. Q. Chen, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
    • Signal Processing
  • Prof. S. Fassios, University of Patras, Greece
    • Statistical Time Series for System Identification
  • Dr. D. Mandic, Imperial College London, UK
    • Signal Processing & Machine Learning
  • Dr. C. McGoldrick, School of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    • Wireless Sensor Network, WSN Demo/Tutorial
  • Dr. C. Meskell, School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    • System Identification for Aeroelastic Systems
  • Prof. S. Nagarajaiah, Rice University, USA
    • Output only Modal Identification
  • Prof. W.J. Staszewski, Sheffield University, UK
    • Fundamentals of Signal Processing
  • Prof. K. Worden, Sheffield University, UK
    • Nonlinear System Identification