Our SYSWIND network offers research training in a multi-disciplinary field with intersectoral participation allowing the applicant to evolve an independent research career.

As it is equally necessary for our Early Stage Researchers and Experienced Researchers to participate in different aspects of academic life, both in their home university and within the network, a well structured and coordinated training program has been set up. This will be via local scientific training (supervised research projects and structured local training courses) as well as network wide activities (joint scientific actions and complementary skills training), completed by intersectoral secondments.

Our Supervisory Board defines the training needs and monitors the implementation of the training program that has been organized. The training program in SYSWIND has been organised in a way that the researchers will:

  • benefit from network activities to expose them to other scientists and to widen their network.
  • use sophisticated electronic communications (web based, video-seminars) to ensure that the network develops an identity to which the researchers jointly contribute and develop.
  • attend conferences to enhance their profile in their area of research and future employment.
  • participate in teaching/demonstrating activities at their home institutes compatible with satisfactory progress in their research project.

An annual review of skills development will be held for each fellow by the hosting organisation, ensuring that personal needs and development goals are achieved and additional training needs identified, using the SYSWIND credit points system.